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Featured Client

Kathy Ireland's product licensing surpasses even Martha Stewart's. In 2011 alone she moved over $2 billion in licensed products (see Forbes' cover story). Kathy and her team at trust Easy Locator to manage their over 9,000 retail locations spanning 19+ industries.

Featured Client:

Featured Client

Justin's Nut Butter is sold in over 3,000 stores and they trust Easy Locator with the important task of managing their dealer locator. Take a look

Featured Client: Justin's Nut Butter

Featured Clients and Feedback

Easy Locator is proud of the great brands that have trusted us to manage their dealer locator system. Take a look at our new Featured Clients and Feedback Site

Featured Client: Body Wrappers

Featured Client

Body Wrappers is an award winning, "Made in America," dance apparel manufacturer. Their customers find products quicker with a custom Retail Locator: Retailers | Online Dealers

Featured Client: Body Wrappers

Featured Client

Non-profit, Nika Water, saw dramatic improvement in customer feedback after replacing their long list of 76 retailers in the Southern California area with an Easy Locator store/dealer finder. See it here

Featured Client: Nika Water


Employing advanced technology our locator software is able to detect a visitor's location and map the nearest results automatically, eliminating the need for most visitors to even search.
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Auto-Mapping: IP Address Geo Positioning

Flexible Search

Easy Locator's single search box allows users to enter any combination of address, city, state, zip code, or landmark and even accounts for common spelling mistakes. Zero frustrated customers!
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Flexible Search: Auto-correct Misspellings

Announcing Our Redesigned Mobile Store/Dealer Locator:

Beautiful on mobile devices as well as standard web browsers

Now your mobile store/dealer locator will be as beautiful on smartphones, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices as it is in standard web browsers. With features like built-in country detection, auto-location detection, search filtering by products, categories, or services, and site style matching with CSS, Easy Locator is the clear choice for your dealer locator. Trusted by great brands like Sony Music, Justin's Nut Butter, and Kathy Ireland Worlwide, Easy Locator can affordably host your store locator or build a custom locator solution to fit any need.

Our Mission:

Easy Locator's mission is to provide a simple, straight forward solution that enables you to add a store locator service, dealer locator service, or product/service locator to your website in minutes. Our primary focus is on you—the customer. We dedicate ourselves to your satisfaction and employ all the best practices of geo-coding and geo-mapping for your benefit.

Why Choose Easy Locator?

  • Free Entry Level Account – that's right, Easy Locator's Micro service level is free, allowing for up to 10 store locations. Of course, we offer 3 other levels of upgraded service, each with a 10-day free trial to be sure we're a good fit for you (pricing & sign up).
  • No Credit Card to Get Started – no tricks to get you paying and hope you forget about us. We hope you love us, activate your paid account after your 10-day trial, and then forget about us—because you'll never have to think about your locator again.
  • Customer Commitment – we highly value each and every customer. Get free customer support via email or over the phone at (801) 683-9876.
  • Fast Results – our store locator software was built from the ground up and geared specifically to deliver the quickest results of your retail locations (average search is less than 1 second).
  • No Bloat – our web application is simple to understand, with straight forward features that satisfy over 99% of customer's needs.
  • Reliable Cloud Network – exclusively hosted on an award wining cloud infrastructure, maintaining an over 99.99% uptime, so your potential customers never miss out. Spikes in traffic are automatically accounted for and will never slow down our service.
  • No Software to Buy or Install – our hosted web service is setup and ready to use in minutes.

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Easy Locator Key Features:

  • Easy – our professionally designed interface is well organized and easy to use. Jump right in and configure your locator in minutes.
  • Automatic Results – using advanced technology our software detects the visitor's location and maps the nearest results with over 97% accuracy, eliminating the need for the visitor to type anything.
  • Universal Search Box – allows visitors to search by zip/postal code, city, state, landmark, or exact street address. Automatic detection of common misspellings and nicknames ensures results instead of frustration.
  • Seamless UI Integration – keep your site's look, your logo, header, footer, and anything else you want on the locator page. Ability to change the background, text color, link color, font, size, and more (see demo).
  • Custom Map Marker Icons – ability to set a default map marker icon for all locations and override with specific map marker icons for individual locations.
  • Advanced CSS Styling Option – gives your web designer full control of layout and styles via CSS (cascading style sheets).
  • Multiple Interfaces – create unlimited interfaces for your locator: build one for your US site, another for your mobile site, one for facebook, and while you're at it create a few more for translating into French, German, and Spanish or whatever other languages you need to support.
  • Product Search Filtering – add checkboxes or a dropdown list of products (or anything really) to allow visitors to filter the search results and find the best location for what they need.
  • Category Search Filtering – add checkboxes or a dropdown list of categories (or anything really) to allow visitors to filter the search results and find the best location for what they need.
  • Pass URL Parameters – pass parameters from another mini-form on your site to set the search address, distance, default filter, etc.
  • Customization Ready – our store locator service was built to be extensible at the account level. This allows us to develop completely custom store locators, product locators, and/or dealer locators to fit the specific needs of unique small businesses—and to do it very affordably. Examples: locations by custom search filters, location type or classification, KLM overlays on map (to show service areas), custom templates, and custom integrations with third party software. The sky's the limit, so email us for a quote if you have specific locator requirements.
  • Smartphone/Mobile Site Templatesee demo.
  • Integration – set it and forget it. Automatically imports new accounts (according to specific requirements). Automatically checks for duplicates and removes the oldest. Automatically notifies when geocoding fails for a new account location.
  • Auto FTP Import – set it and forget it. Automatically imports new locations from a CSV file on a remote FTP server. Automatically checks for duplicates and removes the oldest. Automatically notifies when geocoding fails for a new location.

Easy Locator New Features:

  • ZIP/Postal Code Territories – optionally set the territory that each location owns. Other, nearby, locations will be suppressed from results.
  • Search Log Reports – export data for every search performed. Use search logging to determine where people are looking and where you might want to add new store locations or dealers.

Drive more customers to your retail locations with the Easy Locator hosted store locator service.

Easy Locator helps customers locate your products or service locations by adding a store locations, where to buy, or dealer locations link to your website or mobile site.

Easy Locator's primary benefit over other online store locators and/or dealer locators is its sophisticated simplicity. No difficult installation process or complicated integration. Easy Locator is configured in minutes and ready to use, reliably hosted on our servers with over 99.99% uptime. Our support team is here to help you with your questions, custom integrations, setup, or even advice about how to deal with your mother-in-law. Seriously, give us a call — we're here to help (801) 683-9876.

Live Demo

If you are considering Easy Locator for your dealer locator or store locator hosted solution, you should try our Live Demo, take a look at some Featured Clients (opens in a new window), then Signup for a free Micro account and test it with your actual data.